Trafalgar New Homes Ltd (formerly Combe Bank Homes) and Trafalgar Retirement+ Ltd (formerly Beaufort Homes) are  trading entities and wholly owned subsidiaries of Trafalgar Property Group Plc .
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Land required

Trafalgar Property Group benefits from its own dedicated Land Division made up of skilled property professionals with over 60 years experience.

We are always actively seeking land for new development. We encourage you to contact us to explore the merits and development potential your land might hold. This may be a portion of your land or the complete redevelopment of your and your neighbour’s land and properties.

We pride ourselves on a close working partnership with our clients and seek to maximize the profitability of your land by working closely together with you throughout the entire process.

Professionalism, honesty and transparency are key to obtaining a successful result.

We offer our land clients a full, no obligation appraisal of their land/property using our in-house specialist planning team and carefully chosen consultants. All costs involved with exploring the potential through to taking this through to the full planning process, will be borne by Trafalgar Property Group.

If you wish to explore and unlock the potential your land may hold then please contact our professional land team on 01372 467447