Trafalgar New Homes Ltd (formerly Combe Bank Homes) and Trafalgar Retirement+ Ltd (formerly Beaufort Homes) are  trading entities and wholly owned subsidiaries of Trafalgar Property Group Plc .
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Trafalgar Property Group Plc is a holding company, owning the entire share capital of Trafalgar New Homes Ltd, a regional property developer based in the South East of England, and owning the entire share capital of Trafalgar Retirement + Ltd, a property residential developer specialising in the assisted living and extra care sector for the elderly.


James Dubois, FCA. More information here.     (James Dubois resigned on 24 March 2023 - see Regulated News Announcement HERE.)


Paul Treadaway, Norman Lott FCA. Gary Thorneycroft.

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Company Information

Incorporated in England, UK. Main country of Operation: UK

Quoted on the London Stock Exchange (AIM). For share price click here.

Securities in issue: 142,519,038 shares of 0.1p per share and deferred shares of 0.9p

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There are no restrictions on the transfer of shares.

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01732 700 000 -  for full contact information please click here.


Trafalgar Property Group  is a public limited company whose shares are quoted on the London Stock Exchange AIM Market.

Trafalgar Retirement + Ltd (formerly Beaufort Homes) is a wholly owned trading subsidiary, established in 2016 and acquired in March 2018, which has experience in land assembly and residential development, and its focus is in the housing and care for the elderly market, developing properties on the assisted living and extra care model.  For more information about Trafalgar Retirement+ go to the website HERE

Trafalgar New Homes Ltd (formerly Combe Bank Homes) is a wholly owned trading subsidiary, which was established in 2006, and is a successful Regional property developer based in Kent. Its management has a track record of many years experience in undertaking new and refurbished residential property projects in South East England.  For more information about Trafalgar New Homes  go to the website HERE

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