Annual report & consolidated financial statements 2015


The period under review has been disappointing, as much of our recent efforts have been devoted to our Staplehurst site where we have, unfortunately, been refused planning permission to date. However, we are confident that we will in due course be able to use this land for a major development.

We have also experienced significant delays and cost over-runs during this past year on the completion of our Oakhurst Park Gardens development in Kent. The Group incurred a substantial increase in construction cost (due to the liquidation of the building contractor and the requirement to replace it with others to complete the development) and an additional and substantial increase in the financing cost of the development due to the time delays. The banking finance cost of this development amounted to circa £1,300,000, a figure considerably greater than anticipated. During the period under review we sold a total of seven of the remaining eight units, leaving one unsold at the year-end.

Business Environment

The Group continues to specialise in small developments in Kent, Surrey, Sussex and the M25 ring south of London, a strategy that positions us in a niche market place, between local builders and larger house building companies in the high demand area of the South East. The Directors are confident that the demand for new housing in the areas in which we operate remains strong.

Now that the Election has passed, we are looking forward to a period of sustained stability for the residential property market. The Board believes we are well positioned to undertake some selected profitable developments over the next few years.


The year under review saw Group turnover at £3,898,250 (2014: £3,368,500), with a loss before tax of £619,106 (2014: Loss £305,049). The underlying loss for the year was £620,641 (2014: Loss £205,843). The cash in bank at the end of the period was £490,770 (31 March 2014: £1,216,471).


Additional land has been acquired to enable our development programme, as the Group seeks to return to profitability in 2016 and 2017. We are currently building at Ticehurst and Borough Green and we have two further development sites about to start. Further details of our existing developments are set out in the Strategic Report below.

We look forward to the future with increasing confidence.

James Dubois


16th July 2015